Raw Peanut Butter

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Why Waldo Way Peanut Butter? 

Simple Answer: It's Real and contains one ingredient. "Peanuts"

Interesting story about peanut butter. When we first started this business we had customers who started proving peanut butter to us and at the time we new very little but we noticed one thing; that there wasn't any separation in the product like you see in all natural peanut butters. We've all seen it, the oil sits on top of the peanut butter and we as a society just accept it without asking the question why. Little did we know after a little research we found that companies can add as much as 25% of highly processed oils to their peanut butter and they do not have to claim it on the label. Obviously, we weren't adding the oil so we didn't see the separation. After further research we found that many of the larger companies no longer use peanuts whatsoever and only use peanut oils, thickeners, and highly processed sugars to make their product. 

I'm not sure about you but I'm gonna stick with real peanut butter and guess what you're welcome to come by and see how we make it. 

Ingredients: Raw Peanuts

Product Size: 16oz.

Yes, our peanut butter contains "peanuts"! No Sugar or added oils!