Raw A2 Guernsey Gold Milk

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Raw A2 Guernsey Milk is produced at The Waldo Way, packaged at The Waldo Way and available at The Waldo Way. Milk is produced in the early hours of the morning and usually in your fridge within a few hours. Thats what we call fresh milk! We take pride in what we produce on our farm and our cows are loved and respected by our farm family. Never pasteurized nor homogenized.

Ingredients: "Just Raw Milk"

Shelf Life: Stays Sweet 2-3 weeks or longer depending on how cold you keep it and how you handle as you take it in and out of the refrigerator. This product will turn into clabber which is like buttermilk and at that point you can continue to drink it, make homemade biscuits, waffles, dressings, desserts, you name it. Remember, it never expires unlike pasteurized milk; it just continues to age and become a more valuable product the longer it sits in your refrigerator. Recommended temps are 32-35 and this is also a product you can freeze if you live far away and prefer buying in bulk.

Cost Comparison: Raw Milk 1/2 $4.99 vs Ultra Pasteurized Organic Milk 1/2 $4.97-$6.50

Know where your milk comes from! 


"Buy Real, Buy Raw, Buy at The Waldo Way"

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