Sourdough Bread

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We are so excited to offer delicious Found Penny Farm Sourdough Bread!

It starts with a Wild Texas yeast starter, which takes them a week to develop, two days to be fed up for a healthy starter & used for baking and producing this delicious artisan boule.

Each round is over 2 lbs (avg 2lbs 5oz) and has a mild to medium mild, rich sourdough flavor. This is a healthy alternative to anything you could purchase in a grocery or whole food store.

Perfect for Rubens, corned beef, pastrami ... load it up with your favorites for sandwiches or just butter and toast, then add your favorite jams & jellies!

Whole Loaves make about 12 Sandwiches/Half Loaves make about 6 sandwiches.

Ways to store: you can refrigerate for up to 10 days after purchase or pre slice and freeze. You can then take this bread out as you need it and it will last forever in the freezer. 

Toast it up with some raw butter or olive oil.