Grass Fed Beef Steak Boxes

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Waldo Way Beef is raised on the property and humanely with some of the best grasses possible. What makes our beef different? We raise Guernsey bulls which is a dairy breed that has been know for winning the best tasting beef competitions for many years. The difference between dairy beef and beef cattle is mainly seen in their body structure and you get a high much higher quality cut of beef with dairy cattle as opposed to the quantity you get in return from beef cattle. You're welcome to visit our farm to see these animals and the pristine conditions they live in. 


Marinade for 24 hours in Olive Oil, Rosemary, Garlic, Salt, Pepper. 

4 Hours prior to cooking on either a grill or in an oven allow the meat to rest at room temperature before applying direct heat to the steaks. The hotter you cook these steaks the better they will be and we highly suggest cooking in Cast Iron. After your steak is cooked to perfection top them off with Waldo Way Raw Butter and Salt!