Pelega Born 9/19/2018

Sold out
$3,000.00 USD


Pelega: Sold $3500

Freshened 4/08/2023 Currently in Production 

Peak Production is 3-5 Gallons. 

Exposed to a bull. 



100% Guernsey Cows. All Sourced from A2/A2 Genetics. 

You will not be able to bring Guernseys back for breeding at The Waldo Way as this is your responsibility along with all care needs. We do not AI our animals as they are all pasture bred and exact calving date will not be given. 

Once these cows leave our farm their is zero guarantee with anything as these animals are your responsibility and we have provided all the information possible.  

These Guernseys are on grass/hay 365 days a year and are on a daily ration which we can provide details of where you may purchase.

Price is non negotiable for Guernseys! Guernsey cows will sell between 1,500-4k depending on your desired wants of what you are looking for in a cow. For Example younger cows are more and older cows are less. Bred cows are more not bred cows are less. Cash or Check.

Email & with questions you may have. These Guernseys will only go to people with experience and who people who care about health and wellness for yourself but also these rare Guernseys.