Local Whole Milk

$9.00 USD


                                                      The Waldo Way Whole Milk

                                                    Produced and Bottled by Jersey Girls Dairy     

           Grass Grazed - No Hormones - Never Homogenized - Humanely Raised  

 This local whole milk is chopped full of beneficial probiotics and enzymes for your health needs.

Jersey Girls Dairy gently heats whole milk to 145 degrees. This very low heat does NOT interfere with the beneficial components of milk. This milk is As Close to 100% RAW as you can buy. It remains alive and sweet in taste. 

NOTE: Not all milk is equal: ALL Commercial Organic milk is Ultra Pasteurized and is the worst milk that you can drink for your health. These high temperatures "de-nature" the cellular structure of milk and destroy all of the beneficial properties of milk. 

Do not waste your money on "organic" "ultra pasteurized" milk. You are overpaying for "dead" milk. 

All monies and proceeds go to Jersey Girls Milk Company. 

The Bottom Line: Why do they gently heat their milk? Jersey Girls has been fined by DSHS for delivering 100% raw milk even though it is perfectly within their rights to do so. Freedom???