Steel Mill Farm Steak Cuts

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The Waldo Way is proud to partner with Steel Mill Farms offering superior steaks for members of our beloved farm. As our farm has grown and the demand for high quality local beef increases the perfect pairing has been made. Long time friends at Steel Mill Farms represented by the Steelmans and the Millers of Bettie, TX have made their mark at The Waldo Way with beef we promise you'll love.  

Ribeye A perfect prime steak with a buttery taste and marbling. A tender cut that is great to grill for the best sear. 5lb. Ribeye 4-6 Steaks

NY Strip A lean and tender piece of meat that has just the right amount of marbling on the edges to give it that perfect tastes. 5lb. 4-6 Steaks

Tenderloin Filet  The filet is a delicate steak cut of beef from the tenderloin (back of a beef).  It is an extremely tender and elegant cut with a "melt in your mouth" texture! 3lb. 5-7 Steaks

 Looking for an individual cut?  Visit us in store and see what we have available.