Jumbo Muffins

$19.99 USD


Famous Jumbo Muffins are handmade in small batches at TWW. Enjoy a muffin that tastes like your grandmother made. We use only real ingredients and no preservatives. "Goodness" is found in our food. 

You know that tasteless cardboard muffin that most "chain stores" have? NOT TWW muffin. You will notice real versus "not" real food. 

•Pumpkin Chocolate Chip (for our pumpkin muffins, "every season is pumpkin season")

•Blueberry (made with organically raised blueberries on TWW farm).

Six Pack ONLY please, but singles can be purchased in-store for $4.

 Our Gluten Free Options In Store:

Cranberry Orange Scones. 

Pumpkin Chocolate Coffee Scones.


Just a few left. Order soon.