Raw A2 Guernsey Kefir

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What is Raw Kefir? 

Our Raw A2 Probiotic Kefir is a fermented milk product that's alive and bursting with a very flavorful taste much like a milk shake or drinkable yogurt. This product is fermented for 48 hours allowing the probiotics to grow like raw kombucha. The taste can be tart or sweet depending on your flavor of choice. 




8oz 6 packs  


Greek - Raw A2 Kefir (No Sugar)

Strawberry - Raw A2 Kefir, Organic Strawberries, Cane Sugar 

Peach - Raw A2 Kefir, Local or Organic Peaches, Cane Sugar

Blueberry - Raw A2 Kefir, Waldo Way Blueberries, Cane Sugar

Mango - Raw A2 Kefir, Mango, Cane Sugar

Pineapple - Raw A2 Kefir, Pineapple, Cane Sugar 

The main sweetener in this product is the fruit used and we use as little sugar in this product as possible. 

Shelf Life

This products stays sweet or tart for 3 weeks after purchase but this product does not go bad. This product is alive so sweetness will turn into tartness because your product will continue to ferment.

Many customers freeze this product and take this out as needed. 

"Buy Real, Buy Raw, Buy at The Waldo Way"

This is a Farm Share Cost Product