Skin Care by Ris~

$39.99 USD


Made in-house by TWW owner, NaRisa Waldo (Ris)

Face Cream

Skin benefits of Tallow: 

  • Tallow contains antioxidants
  • Tallow has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Tallow does not clog pores 
  • Tallow has antimicrobial properties
  • Vitamins in tallow help produce collagen
  • Tallow helps soothe skin injuries and helps repair damage faster

    Crafted with:  The Waldo Way Tallow, Palm & Olive oils, Colloidal Silver, Rose Essential Oil.

    *Scent-free is available

    DIRECTIONS: Apply after washing your face in the morning or night. May be applied to your entire body for creamy velvet like skin. 

    Long-lasting Lye Soap

    Growing-up I learned to make lye soap by watching my Granny stir a large bubbling black cast iron pot that hung over an open fire. My soap has a different process but the same outstanding results. 

    Hands-down nothing cleans as well as this soap. 

    Great for shaving, showering, and bathing. TWW soap is a hard soap that out-lasts all other soaps leaving your skin soft and supple. 

    Crafted with: Palm Oil, Food-Grade Lye, Well Water. *Scent Free


    Ris Waldo~