Farm to Table Lunch- COMING SOON!

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Since 2013 The Waldo Way Pop-Up Farm to Table Experiences have gained much notoriety. We have many who come from great distances, including other states, all to experience our family farm foods. 
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Note: there is limited seating.  
Lunch Menu at The Waldo Way Milk House  
Come Anytime Between 11:30-1PM
Date: TBD

Succulent Meatloaf
Juicy house made meatloaf like you've never had before, prepared with WW Grass Fed Beef
Buttery Cheesy Potatoes
Local potatoes whipped with WW Raw A2 Cream & Butter and of course, farm cheese!
Farm Fresh Salad
Local and WW veggies, offered with Ris' homemade Buttermilk Dressing
Homemade Buttermilk Flaxseed Bread
Prepared in The WW Bakery, presented with WW Raw Butter
•Southern Sweet Tea and Unsweet Tea (many say this is the best tea they have ever had. (The secret: crisp cold well water). 
•Well water

The store will be open for all of your shopping needs and if you choose you can preorder your products before you come for quick pickup!

All food has been is prepared in house at The Waldo Way, with the purpose of providing real food for appreciative individuals.
We remain thankful for you who come, thankful for the land, thankful for those who farm, thankful for food and thankful for our Guernsey cows. TWW Family~