Raw A2 Guernsey Yogurt

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Our Raw A2 Probiotic Yogurt provided by The Waldo Way is made from our Raw A2 Milk and a high probiotic culture designed specifically for our farm, ensuring you a one of a kind cream topped yogurt. 

The commercial process of yogurt is heating skim milk to a very high temperature, which destroys all active enzymes and probiotics then they add artificial sugars and addictive chemicals for consumer satisfaction and shelf stability.

We do things much differently. We only use whole raw milk and then gently heat in order to gain the thickness needed for a very custardy type of yogurt. In addition our yogurt is kept in a proofer for over 12 hours to continue the growth of probiotics and if you choose to have your yogurt sweet, we use premium ingredients to do so but if you prefer greek yogurt without sugar then we definitely have that too. If you're lucky you might just catch this product when it's warm and you'll never taste anything like it.  

Simple Real Ingredients: 

Greek: Raw A2 Guernsey Milk and Culture.

Vanilla: Raw A2 Guernsey Milk, Pure Vanilla Extract, Cane Sugar, and Culture.

Coffee: Raw A2 Guernsey Milk, Pure Coffee Extract, Cane Sugar, and Culture.

Orange: Raw A2 Guernsey Milk, Pure Orange Extract, Cane Sugar, and Culture.

Shelf Life: 2-3 Months from purchase. In addition this product can be frozen and eaten like ice cream or simply stored in the freezer for shelf stability. 

"Buy Real, Buy Raw, Buy at The Waldo Way"

This is a Farm Share Cost Product