Honey Sprouted Wheat and White Loaf Bread

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We are so excited to offer delicious Found Penny Farm Honey Sprouted Wheat and White Loaf Bread in our stores!

Honey Sprouted Wheat

"Sprouting the grains to make this bread unlocks the powerhouse of vitamins, minerals, pro biotic nutrients only available when the seeds natural growth process has been triggered!

Sprouting significantly increases bio-availability of all the nutrients for the healthiest choice you can make for you and your family!  Freshly ground whole wheat flour AND sprouted grain means this bread is digested as a complex carbohydrate NOT a simple carb like store-bought white or wheat breads. 

Results are that this truly Whole Wheat bread is much easier on your glycemic index than any store-bought white or wheat bread.   Combine the sprouted grain with the freshly milled whole wheat flour goodness and you will never go back to the over-processed bland stuff the grocery store or even the health/whole food store sells..."


Traditional White

"Made from scratch, kneaded and each loaf shaped by hand, baked in my kitchen oven - no bread machines leaving that funky little hole in one end, no chemical preservatives or ingredients you can't pronounce!

Sweetened with local, raw honey! 

Baked fresh, double rise, tender texture!  This slightly sweet white bread is perfect for sandwiches, toasting, french toast, butter and jam or just plain."