Jersey Girls Cream Top Whole Milk (No Limits)

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Cream Top Whole Milk bottled and produced by Jersey Girls Milk Company in Winnsborro, TX for The Waldo Way Dairy Farm. This Jersey milk rich with cream now available in Mineola or Tyler location for pickup or walk ins. Due to state laws this product must be gently heated by Jersey Girls Milk Company to 145 degrees in order to be sold off their farm. 

       Grass Grazed-No Hormones-Never Homogenized-Humanely Raised

What does gently heated mean? Milk is born at 100 degrees and it is heated to 145 and then chilled for bottling. This milk is still rich with all the cream as it is not ultra pasteurized nor homogenized and is still alive with probiotics. 

Commercial organic milk is Ultra Pasteurized and Homogenized which means that it reach temperatures up to 360 degrees. 

We are thankful to have this as an option to our Raw A2 Guernsey milk which sells out daily. Jersey Girls delivers weekly and you may call either location to see if we have some in stock. 

All monies and proceeds go to Jersey Girls Milk Company. Jersey Girls is not associated with The Waldo Way.

Thank you for supporting your local farmer!