PRE-ORDER: Ris' Homemade Christmas Pies - Buttermilk Pie

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This Christmas, we are thrilled to offer our beautiful and tasty Waldo Way pies to serve your guests during this wonderful season of the year.

Every pie, from crust to filling, will be made lovingly by Ris Waldo! 

Our farm is offering Blueberry (Beautiful Blueberries from our farm’s patch), Classic Southern Buttermilk Pie (Waldo Way Real Buttermilk), and Bourbon Pecan Pie (No High Fructose Corn Syrup and pecans are from The Pecan House in Mineola)!

All of these pies are well known and loved by our farm family members. Do get your order in early for there will be a limited number of pies available. 

Pies reserved will be available for pick up at The Waldo Way Farm in Mineola, December 22nd through the 24th.

From our kitchen to your table this Christmas season, we wish you blessings of great abundance!