Raw A2 Dark Chocolate Milk

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Raw A2 Dark Chocolate Milk from The Waldo Way is so delicious and full of life! Our family has passed down its homemade chocolate syrup recipe for over 100 years and with that many have wondered what our secret is to making a very rich and satisfying raw chocolate milk. Simple, we use real ingredients in our chocolate syrup no artificial sweeteners, corn syrups, or fake ingredients and when you combine that recipe with Raw Guernsey milk it's pure heaven. 

Simple Ingredients: Raw A2 Milk, Raw Cacao, Vanilla, Cane Sugar, Sea Salt. 

Many athletes, trainers, and especially parents use this product for a recovery drink or as healthy alternative to the fake dairy products that are on the shelf today that unfortunately most are feeding to their children.

Remember, its delicious, real, and you know exactly where it came from. 

This product sells out daily and will generally stay sweet 2-3 weeks from purchase before turning into clabber which is like buttermilk. The colder you keep your fridge the longer it will stay sweet. Recommended temp is 32-25 and keep all dairy out of the refrigerator door. 

Remember, raw milk products are alive and do not ever have a true expiration date because they continue to turn into a more valuable product through fermentation. Many of our customers often let their milk or chocolate milk clabber so they can use them for baking or continue to drink them because of the added probiotics that have taken place through the aging process.  

"Buy Real, Buy Raw, Buy at The Waldo Way"

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