WW Grass Fed Beef

$350.00 USD


The Waldo Way

The Waldo Way Ground Beef is packaged in 1lb. frozen flat packs which make it very easy to store and thaw out. 

Our meat also contains a much higher amount of Omega-3 to Omega-6 fatty acids and contains higher levels of Vitamin E and A. Grass-Fed and Grass Finished.

Wondering where our beef comes from and why we think it's important that you know?

The Waldo Way offers only the highest quality of grass-fed beef, and in order to do that, these animals are raised on our land and treated with the utmost respect. Commercial farmers raise beef cattle for mass production and provide low quality beef, whereas we choose to raise Guernsey bulls, which are a dairy breed that offers a much higher quality cut of meat. Their meat has a succulent buttery taste and when you purchase our cuts you'll also notice how clean the meat appears and tastes. Knowing where your meat comes from and how it's raised should be important when deciding what your family is consuming. 

The Waldo Way offers a superior grass-fed beef that is raised humanely on our land and processed in a highly respectable Texas based facility. 

This is a Farm Share Cost Product




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