Raw A2 Guernsey Milk (Limit 5 Gallons)

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Limits: We are thankful for each of you and due to the increasingly high demands of this product a limit of 5 gallons or 10 halves (per household) is in place for Raw A2 Guernsey Milk. This is simply due to the high demand of this rare product and the overwhelming demand for real food across the World. We pride ourselves in customer service, transparency, cleanliness, and the purity of our one of a kind products. We are nothing without our cows and we are nothing without your support and thankfully their are thousands of you! 

Members from surrounding states or hours away we ask for acknowledgement of these limits and understand we appreciate your contributions to our farm. 

If an order is placed with more than the allotted amount you will be refunded for any excess milk over the limit and we reserve the right to cancel your entire order if the limits in place are intentionally abused. Also, we kindly ask that you do not suggest we buy more cows as the Guernsey cow is a very rare breed almost impossible to find and we believe in quality not quantity and our sanity to provide the best products possible. 

Our Raw A2 Guernsey Gold Milk is produced at The Waldo Way, packaged at The Waldo Way and available ONLY at The Waldo Way. Milk is produced in the early hours of the morning on our Mineola farm and is usually in your fridge within a few hours. Never pasteurized nor homogenized. That's what we call fresh milk! We take pride in what we produce on our farm and our cows are loved and respected by our farm family. 

Ingredients: "Just Raw Milk"

Shelf Life: This is 100% dependent on the consumer. Milk leaves our farm the same day it is produced. Generally Stays Sweet 2-3 weeks or longer depending on how cold you keep it and how you handle as you take it in and out of the refrigerator. This product will turn into clabber which is like buttermilk and at that point you can continue to drink it, make homemade biscuits, waffles, dressings, desserts, you name it. Remember, it never expires unlike pasteurized milk; it just continues to age and become a more valuable product the longer it sits in your refrigerator. Recommended temps are 32-35.

Cost Comparison for Members: Raw Milk 1/2 gallon - $5.99 vs Ultra Pasteurized Organic Milk 1/2 gallon - $4.97-$6.50. Raw Milk sold in grocery stores in states where it is legal average $14-$19 a gallon. 

Know where your milk comes from! 

"Buy Real, Buy Raw, Buy at The Waldo Way"

This is a Farm Share Cost Product