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Several years ago NaRisa Waldo and her family suffered loss, the kind that catapults you into something new, out of necessity. In an effort to honor her late grandmother and help her daughter-in-law survive the pain of losing a child, The Waldo Way was born. 

Now, we serve our members real food, with real, simple, RAW ingredients.

We offer Raw A2 Guernsey Gold Milk, raw milk products, along with artisan bakery items, grass-fed meats, and more.


In 2020, I was searching for an alternate source for buying whole milk in a pandemic.  What an incredible blessing to find The Waldo Way Dairy!  Their milk is delicious, wholesome and raw, full of important probiotics and natural vitamins.  Best part -- their farm pastures are graced with glorious Guernseys!  Guernseys are the queen of dairy cattle, and I have dreamed of owning one for over thirteen years, but this regal breed is uncommon in Texas.  After over a decade of fruitless searching, I couldn't believe my eyes! It's been a year now of admiring the Waldo Way herd, and watching the love and deep commitment this family-owned business has for the land, their customers, and most importantly, their valued milk herd. My own prayers were answered when I was honored to become an owner of a Waldo Way Guernsey.  Precious Calypso actually fulfills two prayers, as she has come to our farm as a friend and companion to a little preemie orphan calf, named Alice.  The age difference between my two girls (Calypso is sixteen months, while Alice is only three months), had me a bit concerned, but Calypso is a credit to her breed.  Long valued for calmness and a gentle nature, Calypso is both a wonderful example of her breed, as well as a testament to the kind husbandry of WW Dairy.   There is a lot of petting and cuddling going on at our farm; I am in Heaven!  Thank you, most sincerely, to The Waldo Way Dairy for allowing me the privilege of owning one of their beautiful cows, and for continuing to be a healthful source of raw milk, yogurt and butter, and some darned fine muffins!!  

Terri Brownsborro, TX

I have been looking for a Guernsey milk cow for years! When a friend told me that the Waldo Way was selling some of their cows i was so excited. Trenton took us through the pastures pointing out who was for sale, what their personalities were like, and who would best meet our needs. Choosing which one was a very hard decision for me to make, they were all amazing! Once we got her home she settled in like there had been no change from living at the Waldo Way to being a family milk cow. I would recommend the Waldo Way to anyone!!! Thank y’all so much! 

Erica, Gilmer, TX

Thank you very much to "The Waldo Way Farm", especially to Trenton Montgomery for all his patience in answering all my questions about the different Guernseys I was interested in.  With his knowledge and expertise on the different cows, he helped me decide on Lora Belle.  When we arrived on the farm to pick her up, he met us with a smile and spent time walking us through the farm and showing us how they operate their raw milk dairy, their robotic milker, raw milk store and talked to us about what their goals were for their farm.  Trenton is very knowledgeable about all aspects of the farm and raw milk industry and was more than willing to share with us.  I also wanted to thank Elizabeth.  She was on hand to help load Lora Belle.  She also was very willing to share her knowledge and expertise with me.  If you are looking for a registered Guernsey cow for your ranch, farm, or homestead I recommend contacting "The Waldo Way Farm".  These are wonderful and knowledgeable people and are more than happy to spend time with you in choosing the right cow for you.

Julie New Mexico

We are retirees and love our small hobby farm. We recently purchased a one-year-old Guernsey heifer from The Waldo Way. They treated us like family and answered every question we had. Our Guernsey is healthy and happy and a great addition to our farm. We love our animals but expect them to contribute to our food and income as we believe God intended for animals. Guernseys are a special breed and the folks at The Waldo Way are special people. 

James Palmer Athens, TX

We should like very much to thank you for selling us such an outstanding group of Guernsey heifers.  They fit right in at our place almost like they were born here.  It was a pleasure working with all the folks at your farm, and a special kudos goes out to Joseph for helping load the young babies up.  The Waldo team as a whole was very informative, friendly and professional as well.  We could not have asked for a smoother transaction.  Thanks again.

Earl Commerce, TX