Ris Waldo & Trenton Montgomery - TWW Owners and Co-creators.

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The right for all to produce and access real foods without government interference.

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The Waldo Way, PMA (TWW) Highlights

* Owned and operated by NaRisa (Ris) Waldo and Trenton Montgomery.

* TWW values ethical farming and we are dedicated to our breathtaking Guernseys.

* Descriptives of TWW owners: Loyal, rogue, fiercely independent, intolerant of pettiness (#bullshit) and having their own brand of humor.

* TWW collaborates with other local farms, bringing exceptional foods under one roof for your convenience.

* We serve a very large population and reach thousands across the nation with our message of real foods. However, extra staff is utterly limited to non-existent, therefore; do respect their time.

* TWW operates as a Private Membership Association (PMA).

* PMA defined: Serving only private members and governed by board members. TWW members "share" in the expense of all farm matters through their contributions. Therefore, we do not fall under the purview of the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS). Note: DSHS has a history of harassing, censoring, and suing TWW along with other farms across the state.

TWW is proud to offer the highest quality and ethically raised meat in East Texas.
[Nope: NOT genetically engineered meat]

$350 Minimum Purchase

Beef Jerky Unlike Any Other!

Pick Your Flavor

Grass Fed Beef, liquid aminos, garlic, crushed red pepper, cayenne, salt, pepper, all ingredients you will find in our beef jerky.

Natural Flavors, Nitrates, GMO's, Synthetic Sugar and any other crap that doesn't belong; you will not find it here!

Classic or Spicy?

The Waldo Way is our "way" of doing things. Ris and Trenton are authentic, dedicated, passionate, opinionated, rogue, and big risk-takers. Oh, and have a whole lot of gumption.

All of these qualities can be seen through their unique business endeavors.


We ask that you pause for a moment and give thanks to your farmer who sacrifices everything to place food on your table.

Before eating or drinking, these extraordinary food products, give thanks to God for that which sustains your body and feeds your soul.

Ris and Trenton are thankful for this unique and rare position/calling in life.

Ashley Morgan Photography

Photos featured were generously provided by Ashely Morgan Photography.

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