1. Can I order milk ahead of time? Milk produced by Jersey Girls listed on the website can be preordered and the available pickup dates will be shown on the calendar at checkout. It is also available in store for walk-ins. 
  2. I live two hours away and I can't afford to drive all the way there without a guarantee, will you set milk back just for me?  Thank you for your dedication but we operated for many years without an option to reserve milk as nearly all farms do and members lined up at our gates each morning. As of this writing there are 14,227 members and only 5 of us and we do it all. Respect our time, please.
  3. Limits on Milk Purchases? 10 half gallons or 5 gallons has been the limit for quite some time and we will continue to apply this rule for all members who contribute to our farm. Please be respectful while shopping in our store and be thankful this is even an option. 
  4. Will Jersey Girls continue to bottle Jersey milk for The Waldo Way? Yes, Absolutely! Jersey Girls offers a great product and we really appreciate you supporting their operation and ours! They will continue to deliver every Wednesday to Mineola. You may pre order this product online.
  5. Will you continue to carry kefir, yogurts, and butter? Yes, but just like milk it will be first come first serve.