The Waldo Way, PMA is a family owned and operated small farm business.

NaRisa Waldo, known to the locals as Ris~ and owner of The Waldo Way, PMA located in Mineola, Texas. For many years, Dr. NaRisa Waldo, PhD, MSN, RN, appreciated her career as a professor in the College of Nursing at a University of Texas affiliate; however, her dream was to create a place where she could combine her abilities to educate with her love of dairy farming. Her farm passions and strengths include, the Guernsey cow, marketing and development, educating others, health and wellness, and creating a wholistic environment for people to visit.

Trenton Andrew Montgomery, son of Ris, is the Chief Financial Officer for The Waldo Way, PMA. His farm passions and strengths; love for the Guernsey cow that is contagious, hands-on working with the cows each day to assure the highest quality of milk for our farm’s loyal customers, management of the property to keep The Waldo Way, PMA and The Waldo Way Dairy Farm a financially viable and operationally sound small locally owned and operated business.

Bruce Waldo, husband of Ris, and co-owner of The Waldo Way, PMA and The Waldo Way Dairy Farm. Upon the conception of our farms, Bruce has been a loyal supporter and encourager. He is committed to the growth and development of our farms. While he is rarely seen on the farm due to his career as a CEO of two hospitals in Phoenix Arizona, he has been and continues to be instrumental in its continued successes.