The Waldo Way Application

The Waldo Way Application for Farm Manager Position


Where do you live?________________________________

Do you have transportation?_________________________

Describe your work ethics?_________________________________________


What are your employment goals?___________________________________________

Would you describe yourself as a dependable person? If so, describe .


Are you a morning person? Mornings begin at 6am on our farm. ___________________________________________

Do you like animals? Do you have work experience with them? If yes, describe. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Any prior experience with dairy cows? 


Any prior experience with heavy equipment? Example: tractors. _______________________________________________________________________

Any experience with barbwire fence repair and /or general labor/handyman?


What is your knowledge of our farm, The Waldo Way?


Are you a team player?_____________________________

Can you work independently ?________________________

Work availability?________________________________

Are you seeking full time or part time work?_____________________________________________

Are you willing to work weekends?_____________________________________________

Must take ownership of duties, proactively engage in improving methods and processes, attention to detail, self-motivated, and able to work unsupervised.


 Must be 25 or Older

 Fence building (permanent and temporary)

• Equipment operation (tractors, hay equipment, loaders, small power and hand tools)

• Work outdoors in all types of weather

• Working with cattle (dairy and beef)

o Rotational grazing

o Assisting with calving as needed

o Milking

o Interacting with customers for sales and answering questions

o Delivery of farm products to retail store customers

• Maintenance and farm building construction

• Ability to maintain equipment

• Ability to lift up to 100lbs

• No smoking, alcohol or vaping allowed on the farm property

• Strong work ethic

• Good customer interaction skills

• Willing and able to make decisions in a fluid working environment

• Pay commensurate with experience

Thank you for applying. 

The Waldo Way, PMA

Please submit your application to both emails below or you may present in person: