Waldo Way Dairy Farm fights regulations

MINEOLA, Tx (KETK)+ - Owners of the Waldo Way Dairy Farm in Mineola say they've had it up to here with the Texas Department of State Health Services.

"You're telling me that you will continue to come out here and inspect our private home. Let me say this one more time. You are illegally coming into my private home with my private cows," said NaRisa Waldo.

After four and a half years, the farm chose to change their legal status to PMA.

Which means they are now a private members only association and, are by law, no longer regulated by the Texas Department of State Health Services.

However, the state seems to have a different opinion.

"So the note said they were going to disregard our legal status change and continue to come to the farm and inspect."

And Waldo says she isn't feeling support from state law makers in her fight, even though she has been keeping them in the loop throughout her ordeal.

"Some of us in the legislature have been trying to get the law changed to lift some of those regulations on raw milk," said Bryan Hughes, District 1. "It's a matter of record in 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017. I can show you the bills that we voted for them."

"We can't just wave a wand, but we can work on these things and keep working them to try to make our place better," said Cole Hefner, District 5.

They have contacted Waldo personally to offer their support.

See the story at: https://www.easttexasmatters.com/news/local-news/waldo-way-dairy-farm-fights-regulations/1299404768

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