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Mrs. Waldo's Pie Crust Cut butter into the following mixture: •3 cups of sifted pastry flour •1/2 cup of sifted all purpose flour Add remaining ingredients to flour/butter mixture: •1/2 tsp. salt •1/4 cup cane sugar •2 cold farm fresh eggs •1/4 cup cold Raw A2 Guernsey Gold Milk Place the dough on a floured surface, knead gently and roll to desired size. Fill with whatever your favorite pie filling and enjoy the rich buttery taste of this pie crust!  *Hint: You may substitute real rendered lard for the butter and fill the pie crust with a savory filling! WATCH...

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Life on a picturesque dairy farm in East Texas may seem like a quiet, idyllic life; the kind of life many might only dream of.

However, for NaRisa Waldo, it is her real life, and though it's sometimes quiet out in rural Wood County, it is far from boring.

Ris, as she is known to friends, has not been a dairy farmer all her life. In fact, she has her PhD in nursing and spent eight years as a professor at UT Tyler, but she says she began to feel unfulfilled.

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MINEOLA, Tx (KETK)+ - Owners of the Waldo Way Dairy Farm in Mineola say they've had it up to here with the Texas Department of State Health Services.

"You're telling me that you will continue to come out here and inspect our private home. Let me say this one more time. You are illegally coming into my private home with my private cows," said NaRisa Waldo.

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