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Mrs. Waldo's Pie Crust Cut butter into the following mixture: •3 cups of sifted pastry flour •1/2 cup of sifted all purpose flour Add remaining ingredients to flour/butter mixture: •1/2 tsp. salt •1/4 cup cane sugar •2 cold farm fresh eggs •1/4 cup cold Raw A2 Guernsey Gold Milk Place the dough on a floured surface, knead gently and roll to desired size. Fill with whatever your favorite pie filling and enjoy the rich buttery taste of this pie crust!  *Hint: You may substitute real rendered lard for the butter and fill the pie crust with a savory filling! WATCH...

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Ris, owner of The Waldo Way Dairy Farm, explains how you can easily take advantage of this season's abundance of tomatoes and other fresh vegetables with a quick freezer friendly tomato starter. What is a starter? Well, it's something that you make now that can be used for so many different recipes when it comes time to thaw it out!  In this case, this super easy starter can be your sauce for pasta dishes, vegetarian or add meat! It also makes for the fantastic beginnings of tomato soup. No matter what your plans for this easy recipe, it will definitely...

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Ris shows us her trick to easy, crispy, and ridiculously delicious homestyle French fries. After offering tips to many of our members and hearing how life changing this simple hack is, we just had to share! • Boil your choice of potatoes until they are al dente, bring to room temperature. Ris suggests making extra and keeping in the fridge to make your next potato recipe even easier. • Cut into even slices or wedges and fry on each side for about 5 minutes in our Premium Pork Lard. • Add salt to taste. That's it! Click HERE to watch! 

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